As-Built Surveys

As-built surveys are performed at the completion of a construction project in order for the property owner to obtain a CO (Certificate of Occupancy). The surveyor will locate all new improvements on the property and provide the as-built data to the appropriate governing jurisdiction. The governing jurisdiction will use the surveyed data to determine compliance with the original design plans initially approved and permitted by said jurisdiction. The level of detail on this survey is dependent upon the jurisdiction in which it lies.

This type of survey is requested most often by a municipality who has granted permission for a construction project to tie to its existing system of utilities. This survey shows any discrepancy from the approved project plan that may have occurred during construction, and serves as a way for the municipality to update its infrastructure accordingly. Sometimes a large project with a lot of subcontractors will be followed up after completion with an As-built survey to prove to the client that the general contractor did exactly what was requested in the scope of work.